The Ten Dollar Question

Donation Jar

Photo Courtesy of Dave Dugdale.

Last week I asked the question”If someone walked up to you and handed you $10 with the stipulation you had to make someone’s life better with it what could you do?”

The inspiration came from Chris Guillebeau who wrote “The $100 Startup” which talks about starting a business for a hundred dollars or less.  I was interested in what people could do with ten dollars to change someone’s life.  Ten bucks seems like a small amount of money to make a big change but I wanted to make people think deeper.

Why think deeper?  Because many people will do for others what they will not do for themselves.  You might go buy a burger from a drive thru for someone who is hungry but would consider that splurging if you did it yourself.  I wanted to make people think about how they could make a difference in someone’s life with $10 so you could maybe see how you could change your own life or circumstances with the same amount of money.

Fortunes have been made on little startup money.  Lives have been changed with a kind word and a helping hand with no money at all.  Take ten dollars and in the next week go and make a difference with it in your life.  Start a business, make a donation, or start that retirement account you have been meaning to get to.  Make a commitment to go out and do something with a ten dollar bill during the next seven days!